Rock ‘n roll isn’t more important than life – Rock ‘n roll IS life!  Add a couple of cold ones and life is near perfect!

For those of you who second that statement, you need to check out The Killbilly 5’ers. But don’t listen to their songs. It’ll make you drink beer. And then some. Until drinking beer is all that you do.

Of course, romanticizing drinking isn’t all that funny. George Jones and Hank Williams knew this, far too well. It’s being drunk that’s fun!

The Killbilly 5’ers are lost souls from the wrong side of the track. You really shouldn’t in any way encourage them. They rock, and they roll – and then they write songs about it. ‘Cause they know of nothing else. The Killbilly 5’ers plot against moral and a healthy lifestyle has been going on for? Nobody really knows – partying tends to make things a bit blurry.

Defiying all logic these talentless bastards invented riffs, lyrics and grooves that before soon will make the members of ZZ Top, AC/DC, Pantera and Rammstein call for an emergency meeting, decide that the game is over, shake hands and go their separate ways.

Because The Killbilly 5’ers don’t see any boundaries between country, metal, boogie and blues. It’s all rock’n’roll to them. The Killbilly 5’ersgigs have left the crowd screaming for more, before even having released a single not on record. Because the songs enter your brain immidiately and stay there forever.

Their confession is Good Thing I’m Bad. Their mission: Burn Down The Trailerpark. And that they have an insatiable appetite is proved by a song title like (I Don’t Know What It Is) But I Want It. And they want it now. Their music makes you forget responsibility, being grown up, morality and common sense. Their message to the world can be summarised with ”it’s not hard to get up in the morning if you never went to bed the night before.”

In short: The Killbilly 5’ers are not good for you. But i really doesn ́t matter, because ultimately Rolling Stones were wrong. You can’t always get what you want. But sometimes you might end up with what you need instead.

// Tally-Hoe!